Coming to our senses…

Think of a time you got far enough from the city lights to see the swirl of the Milky Way in the night sky. Or the first bite of food when you'd been fasting for a medical procedure. Or the sudden silence as you drove through an underpass in the rain. There is something powerful about being re-sensitized. About the opportunity to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and taste with renewed savor. It can be ecstatic, like a friend's hug after weeks of no physical contact. Or overwhelming, like walking out of a dark movie theater into midday sun.

Either way, it reorients us to life in our world and in our bodies. To life's beauty and also its cruelty. It breaks through the numbness that can build up in us over time, from ignoring our senses or overindulging them.

The church season of Lent is about such renewal. Renewal of our spirits, our minds, and also of our senses. It's about recentering, regrounding, repenting, and maybe resensitizing to life. Taking time to go inward and check in with ourselves. To ask questions.

What beauty or what ugliness has become so commonplace we've stop seeing it? Whose voice has faded into the background? What smell, or taste, or touch are we craving?

Join us this Lent as we engage a season of restored sensation. Of coming back to our senses and back to ourselves. As we break through all the numb places, all the dead places, in search of new life. 


Chili Cook-Off


Show off your favorite chili or dessert recipe—or bring your appetite and VOTE for your favorites! Join us for our third annual Chili and Treats Cook-off from 4-6 p.m., Sunday, March 31 at Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School (4300 N. Winchester). Sponsored by the Bethany-Pilgrim Partnership, all proceeds support our continuing work resettling Rohingyan refugee families. Admission is free, but bring your dollars (or checks) to vote for the recipes (or chef) you like best. Click Here for more information or to sign up.

Serve with Bethany in April

1.00 May 14 Night Ministry.JPG

Teams from Bethany regularly volunteers with both The Night Ministry (preparing and serving dinner at Leland and Clarendon in Uptown on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month) and The Crib (preparing and delivering dinner to their Lakeview shelter) and we’d love to have you join us. The next opportunities to serve are:

The Night Ministry: Wednesday April 10th
The Crib: Friday April 26th

Day of Faith in Action


As a member congregation of the Community Renewal Society, Bethany is going to Springfield! On Tuesday, March 26th, we’ll join hundreds of folks for prayer, action, and face-to-face visits with legislators. This year’s focus includes fair tax, housing for returning citizens, and reforming the money bond system.

Transportation is provided by Community Renewal Society. Advanced registration is required, by March 18th.