Lorraine Kirst Memorial

Longtime Bethany member, Lorraine Kirst, passed away this Saturday after a short hospital stay. Visitation will be held Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 4 to 9 pm at N.H. Scott & Hanekamp Funeral Home, 1240 Waukegan Road, Glenview. The funeral service will be held Friday, August 23 at 10:30 am, performed by Rev. Vince Amlin.

Bethany was a big part of Lorraine's life, and she was a big part of life here. She served as Secretary of the Council and was part of the Women's Fellowship and Coffee Hour Committee. She and her late husband Paul were married at the church, as were 3 of her daughters. All 5 of her children, as well as her grandchildren, were baptized here. Even as Lorraine moved and was less able to be part of the Sunday morning community, she continued to support the life and ministry of our congregation. She will be greatly missed.

Below is a link to her tribute page. Any Bethany members who can are encouraged to attend the funeral on Friday morning or visitation on Thursday.


In August, come join in the Jubilee!

At Jubilee Roasting Co. in Denver the wall reads: Jubilee. Emancipation. Restoration. Celebration. As they explain: “There were some people a long time ago that were told to forgive debts and release slaves and captives every 49th year - the Year of Jubilee. Kind of like a reset button for society and communities to focus on the things that really matter around them. Here at Jubilee, the three words: emancipation, restoration, and celebration, define the same sentiment.”

This August at Bethany, we’re hitting the reset button, exploring the idea of Jubilee, not every 49th year but in every moment. How do we live lives that free us, renew us, and give us reason to celebrate? And how do we live lives that free others, renew the world, and bring others into the party?.

We’ve canceled all meetings and special events for the month of August. (Announcements are going to be short!) We’re saying no to any invitations that require more than 6-hours’ advance planning. Like the land in the biblical year of Jubilee, we’re lying fallow. And we hope you might try it with us. Declare a month of Jubilee! Liberate yourself for connection! Be restored to your humanity. And come celebrate with your community! Every Sunday at 10.


Participate in Bethany Worship

At Bethany, we love that our members and friends enjoy a worship experience that is built both for and by the congregation itself. You can help us make open-minded, whole-hearted, hands-on faith happen on a Sunday morning by signing up to volunteer as a liturgist or to sponsor coffee hour. You can find a sign-up sheet in the narthex or call the office at 773-472-1096 to volunteer.


Gathering of Waters: Aug. 25

All summer long, we've been gathering water from our travels (or in special moments at home). And you still have a little more than a week to do so! Just a few ounces will do.

Bring the water you've gathered next Sunday, August 25th for our Gathering of Waters service. We'll combine our water from all over the world (and around Chicago) as a symbol of beginning a new year together, and we'll use it for baptisms and blessings all year long! If you don't have any to bring, don't worry; we'll have small bottles here so everyone can participate.


Homecoming Sunday: Sept. 8

Join us as we kick off the new program year at Bethany on Sunday, September 8th! We’ll have our first week of Sunday School, our first pick-up choir practice, plus a potluck and games on the lawn! Come for some great church (back at our regular 10:30 time!) and stay for the party!

If you’d like to contribute a dish to the celebration, a sign up sheet will be available at worship this Sunday or you can call or email the office at (773) 472-1096 or info@bethanychicago.com.