Putting the "You" in Bethany UCC

Did you know that Bethany has a blog? Beginning with this entry, we will be maintaining a weekly blog covering a wide range of topics that related to or involve Bethany Church. With all that's going on here, now is a perfect time to tell our story.

Bethany Church is in the middle of a search for a new pastor. This is a huge undertaking and an amazing opportunity. Our search committee continues to sift through the profiles of talented individuals. This blog gives us a vehicle to share with our current members and friends how this search is going, what the goals of the committee are, and when we're getting close to moving forward.

It also gives those who are new to Bethany a chance to learn about what makes this congregation tick. We will use this blog to feature our members as they share why their connection to Bethany is so important.

We will share issues of social justice which are essential to the UCC at large and the Ravenswood community. We will also provide access to the volunteer opportunities we offer. Additional content will include UCC Devotionals, copies of the Pastor's sermons, and photo galleries.

This blog will be linked to our Twitter account and Facebook feed, both of which we are hoping to expand with your assistance. If you haven't already, please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. When you read a blog that interests you, share it!

By sharing the stories we post, or checking into Bethany when you visit on a Sunday morning, you are sharing with your digital community that you are a part of the Bethany family. Share with others that you are proud to participate with us in faith and fellowship.

Raising awareness of Bethany in the our community is a huge step towards growing our congregation and it starts with you. The conversion from blog-share to Bethany member may not be immediate or direct, but it can and will definitely have an impact.

We look forward to engaging with you on social media and providing you with stories or topics that interest you. Please submit your stories as well. After all, the church is about more than four walls and a doctrine...it's about you.