Our Church!

A month ago we set ourselves a challenge as a congregation, to raise $54,000 in pledges for 2018. I'll admit I had my doubts about getting to that number (oh, me of little faith). But as we ended our pledge campaign yesterday, we exceeded our goal by almost $9000, having received total pledges of $62,970!

There are still a few folks we think will pledge for next year, so I expect that number may go up even further. Even more exciting, this number represents the gifts of six new pledgers in 2018! Thank you to all of you who gave, to those who raised their pledges from previous years, and to our new pledgers. We appreciate your investment in this community and in what God is doing and will do here at Bethany.

Talking about money for a month, can get tiring. It's a gift to all of us, I imagine, to turn back to all the other aspects of our faith. But I hope we can take forward with us the theme of this year's campaign, “My Church.” Bethany is the church that we make together. Bring your ideas, your gifts, your excitement, your time, your family, and your prayers, and let's do something amazing. Let's be a church of invitation, proud to share a life of service, justice, and kindness with our friends and neighbors. Bethany is my church, and I am so proud of it and looking forward to what we will do in the coming year. Thank you for your generosity of money and spirit.