Growing Veggies, Growing Community

The raised beds we built and planted with money from the Council Discretionary Fund are popping: pole beans and cucumbers are stretching toward their trellises; tender greens have — so far — evaded the plentiful Ravenswood rabbits; and the tomatoes have all kinds of blossoms.

The gardens don’t yet require much weeding or harvest but there is work to be done.  Can you join Rebecca on Thursday afternoons at 4, or sign up for some weekly maintenance before or after church on Sundays?  Look for the “gardener” slot on the summer Sundays sign-up sheet.

Whether you like to garden or not, you are welcome to the food we are growing.  Take home some basil for pesto, other fresh herbs, or, in a few weeks, arugula.  This year, our garden goal is only to enjoy the project of growing food together, and enjoy eating it!