Lights, Camera, Action!


Freelancers Anonymous is a comedy feature film about women who tech! Directed by Sonia Sebastian and written by Amy Dellagiarino and Lisa Cordileone, the movie follows Billie as she finds herself on a quest to start her own business. Frustrated with always being taken advantage of at work, Billie quits in pursuit of doing something more fulfilling, and runs into an eclectic group of women looking for the same. They pool their talents together to start developing an app, but run into more problems than they accounted for.

The cast features an ensemble almost entirely made up of women and stars Lisa Cordileone, Natasha Negovanlis, Alexandra Billings, Jennifer Bartels, Megan Cavanagh, Mouzam Makkar, Amy Sheils, Cassandra Ward, Jenny McNulty, Haviland Stillwell, Grace Rex and Jamison Scala.

Bethany United Church of Christ plays a central role in our movie, being both the home base for the freelancers to begin their business, and the spot where Billie and her fiancée Gayle are planning to have their wedding. Freelancers Anonymous (the movie) is the first piece of a larger trans-media company, Freelance Anonymous LLC, which is geared towards closing the gender gap in STEM industries and focusing specifically on women and those in the LGBTQ community.

Freelancers Anonymous is produced by Full Spectrum Features, in association with Black Apple Media.