A Time to Plant

Dear Members and Friends of Bethany UCC,

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. And at Bethany UCC, now is a time to plant!

For the last two years you have done the important work of preparing the soil at Bethany for something new, and it is clear from those who have already joined us, that you’ve done good work. Now the ground is tilled, the beds are prepared, and all the pieces are (almost) in place for us to grow something beautiful together.

This year’s stewardship campaign offers you a chance to get in on the “ground” level, to be part of something big that is just beginning. We believe that together we can make 2017 a year that Bethany will look back to as a moment of change when the first green shoots of new life began to poke through into the light.

We need your generous pledge to fuel that growth. If you are new to church or to pledging, a pledge is a promise you make to give a certain amount over the course of the year.

These pledges give us assurance as a congregation that we can meet our financial commitments. But more importantly, they allow us to do the vital work of worship, and justice, and service to which we are called, and even to expand this work. Most importantly of all, our pledges are spiritual commitments we make to God to align our hearts and our resources and to grow into the generous and loving people we are created to be.

In a recent letter you should have received a pledge card. We invite you to prayerfully consider what gift you plan to give to Bethany this year, fill out the card, and bring it to worship sometime between October 30 and November 13. As you will see, the card allows you to choose between giving in person, using offering envelopes, or setting up a recurring donation online by clicking here.

The budget we passed as a congregation just a couple weeks ago asks us to stretch to the goal of $54,000 in pledges this year. We believe that this much (and maybe more) is possible. Will you step out in faith with us and sow seeds of hope and promise in this fertile soil? 

This is a time to plant, and we believe the harvest is coming!

In Love,
Rev. Rebecca Anderson and Rev. Vince Amlin