Moth Grandslam Storyteller Sarah Bunger Joins Us for Advent Worship

Sarah Bunger grew up in one of the smallest towns imaginable outside of Dayton, Ohio (think: flashing caution light, a gas station/Subway sandwich shop, and lots and lots of cows). Since moving to the big city seven years ago, she is adjusting to the long winters and nearly complete lack of cows. She teaches English to sophomores and seniors, relishing every minute she gets to re-experience Holden Caulfield, Blanche Dubois, and Nick Carraway. (But not those boys from Lord of the Flies. Because, gross). 

She has told stories at Solo Theatre, Story Lab, Fillet of Solo, WBEZ’s New Year’s Eve Program, and is a two-time Moth Grand Slam Champion. Currently, she curates the live lit show Truth or Lie Reading Series, which takes place the first Sunday of every month.  She hopes to tell more stories in 2017 and beyond.